The Squeeze Ball Creator

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Now you can create and customize your own unique Squeeze Balls! Contains everything you need to make three amazing Squeeze Balls. Simply mix, fill, lock and squeeze! It’s easy squeezy!
Age 5+
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Dimensions (cm): 30 x 7 x 29
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The Squeeze Ball Creator - CREATE YOUR OWN SQUEEZE BALLS - Now you can create your own unique squeeze balls with the amazing Squeeze Ball Creator! Includes everything you need to make three reusable squeeze balls - simply mix, fill, lock and squeeze! Its easy squeezy! 

GET CREATIVE -The Squeeze Ball Creator comes with 21 super cool reusable emoji icons that you can add into your squeeze ball to create amazing designs! Fill with icons to customize your squeeze balls and create unique designs. Or why not use your own fillings like slime, pom poms or sequins. The possibilities are endless! Use your imagination and come up with some squeeze-tastic creations! 

SUPER SENSORY - With the Squeeze Ball Creator its super sensory fun! Children who love ASMR play will love being able to create and design their own squeeze ball designs then have fun squishing and stretching them. Use different fillings to create a variety of squeeze ball textures – it’s a total sensory experience! Perfect for children who love fidget toys and the calming effects of squeeze balls. 

REUSABLE - The Squeeze Ball Creator is reusable meaning that children can create amazing squeeze balls over and over again! Simply rinse out your squeeze balls, save the icons and you can remake amazing squishy squeeze balls time and time again. The icons included are also reusable – mix and match different icons to create various deigns or fill with your own chosen fillings! With the Squeeze Ball Creator the fun never ends! 

THE PERFECT PRESENT - The Squeeze Ball Creator is the perfect present for children aged 5 and over who love creative and sensory play.  They will have so much fun creating and customizing squishy squeeze balls and love the ability to create their own unique fillings.

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