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Q)  What is the last day I can place my order for pre-xmas delivery ?



Q) How much is postage and packaging on internet orders.

A) Postage for an order on our website is £4.99 (UK orders) UK orders over £25 qualify for free delivery.


Q) Can I order outside the UK?

A) We do offer international shipping. The cost of delivery is dependant on the size and weight of your order, and is calculated during the checkout process (there are some exceptions to this rule and you will be contacted prior to dispatch). If you are ordering from Brazil, please e mail your order reference number with a CPF Number. Some Items may be too large for International deliveries.


Q) Who is our authorised EU Representative after Brexit?

A) EU Representative contact: compliance@proxyas.com


Q) How long does delivery take?

A) We use Royal Mail to send out all UK orders. We currently quote 3-4 working days from dispatch for delivery (excluding Christmas and Bank Holidays).  International orders will take longer dependent on the delivery country.


Q) I cannot access my Character Options account why has this happened?

A)  If you cannot access your account try signing in again, being careful to check your e mail address and password as you type them. If you have forgotten your password, click on the forgotten password box and re-enter a new password. An email will be sent to you with a link to confirm your new password.

If you believe your e mail address and password are correct, please contact our Internet department on 0161 633 9808 who will be able to check your details and help regain access to your account.


Q) Do you have a returns procedure?

A) Yes. If you have received your order, In accordance with The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation & Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, you can cancel your order up to 14 days after you have received it, any postage costs would be at the cost of the consumer.

If you have a problem with your order (ie, faulty product) you can also return your order to us.

To return an order, please send to our address below together with your full name/address and order reference:

Internet Returns Department
Character Options Limited
Lees Brook Mill
Lees Road
Lees, Oldham

Payment Methods

We accept the following cards for payment: Mastercard, Switch, Maestro and Visa. All debit and credit cards are processed for you by Character Online  through Worldpay.

We also accept Paypal.


Character Options Limited.

Q) How do I get a copy of an instruction manual for my product ?

A) If an instruction manual is available for a product, it can be downloadable on that products webpage (manual Icon is shown under the product image). Alternatively, please email our customer services team who will send you a copy.


Q) Where can I buy a Character Options product?

A) Our products can be purchased from our website Character Online and from the retailers listed HERE.


Q) I have an idea for a new product. Do Character Options accept outside submission ideas ?

A) As you can imagine, we receive many contacts and enquiries about submitting new product ideas. While we appreciate hearing from our customers, we must advise that we do not accept unsolicited submissions for new products. We depend on our employees, other organisations and professional inventors with whom we deal with on a regular basis for such ideas.

A good way of getting products into the toy industry would be to read the Toy and Game Inventor’s Handbook by Levy and Weingartner. This book contains information about how to proceed professionally in the Toy Industry.

Also please clink on the link BTHA


Q) My product was missing parts/had defective parts. What should I do?

A) You may send an email requesting the parts you need. When writing, be sure to let us know the following:

Name of Product

When you purchased/received the product

The exact parts required

Alternatively, you can call our Customer Service Team on 0161 633 9808, Mon -Fri 9am to 5pm 


Q) I need to order a replacement part for a Character Options product.

A) Please see our spare parts section HERE for a list of the parts we have available to purchase online. Alternatively you can contact our Customer Services Team by EMAIL or telephone to see if the part you require is available. 


Q) I have purchased a faulty/incomplete item. What should I do?

A) If you have purchased the item from a retailer. You will need to contact them, to arrange a refund or replacement, as per the legally binding contract that was entered with them at the time of sale. A refund or replacement will be issued (provided you have relevant receipt or proof of purchase).

If you require more information on this contract, this can be found below.

Citizens Advice Consumer helpline - 08454-04-05-06




If the item was purchased direct from us, please use the returns procedure detailed above.


Q) I would like to approach Character Options for a Charity Event Donation how do I go about doing this?

A) Please e mail or write into us providing full registered charity number and specific event details together with full contact address and telephone numbers and we will respond as soon as possible.


Q) I am outside the UK and have a problem with a missing part/faulty item what do I do.

A) Character Options Limited are the UK Distributor. Unfortunately we do not offer aftersales outside the UK.

If you have had a problem with a missing part or faulty item, it is advisable to contact the seller/retailer for further assistance.


Q) Do you have a catalogue of your products?

A) We do not produce a catalogue. Most of our range is avaialble to view on our website HERE


Q) I would like to open a Trade Account with Character Options Limited.

A) Please contact our sales office on 0161 633 9800.


Product Information:

Slime Toys Safety 14-12-2018

Following the recent release of a Which? Report that questions the safety of some slime toy products Character Options Limited would like to assure customers of the safety of its slime toy brands Cra-Z-Slimy Creations® and Elasti Plasti™. 

“Children love to play with slime, and as a company we can wholly recommend the products that we supply as fun, creative and also SAFE.”

“We can confirm that all our products that include slime have passed all required safety tests. These include: Cra-Z-Slimy Creations®: Slimy Fun Kit, Silly Slimy Fun Kit, Chalkboard Slime, Slime Squish Ball Maker, the award-winning Super Slime Studio, Pre-made Slime tubs and Cra-Z-Slimy  retailer exclusives, Scooby Doo: Goo Pods and Monsters of Terror Towerand also Elasti Plasti.

“Safety is of the highest priority to Character Options and our recommendation is to purchase a brand that you can trust and to do so from a reputable retailer.”

Should you wish to receive further information about the brands supplied by Character Options please do not hesitate to call the Customer Service Team on 0161 633 9808 or visit online at www.character-online.com. 

Q)  How can I get a Ultra Rare Goo Jit Zu Yeti/Frostbite Figure?

A)  Yeti/Frostbite is ultra-rare, and only placed into 1 in every 3 boxes from the manufacturer.


There are 1 in 24 to find, however they are not sold separately.


The only way to obtain stock is to select “tell me when in stock icon” on our website www.character-online.com or visit stockists of our Goo Jit Zu range.


Q) How do I remove slime/goo/putty substances from clothing/upholstery?

A) Slime/goo/putty may get sticky when it becomes warm or has been left in direct sunlight. When it stays on clothing or upholstery, simply let it dry out, brush away with a firm brush and wash away the remaining residues with warm soapy water.



For further assistance with Teksta, click HERE



Q) What do I do if the liquid from inside a Mashem toy gets onto skin?

A) Wash the skin lightly with clean water. If the liquid gets into the eye, rinse with fresh water. If any allergic reaction appears please seek medical advice.

Q) What if I have swallowed the Mashems Liquid?

A) Be assured that the liquid has been assessed for its safety even if consumed. The liquid consists mainly of water with a little preservative. There is no fragrance added. In the unlikely event that a child accesses and ingests some or all of the liquid please seek medical advice as some children may exhibit a previously unknown allergic reaction to preservatives. Take the toy and packaging with you. There is a contact number for our Customer Services Team who will be able to advise the Medical person accordingly.

Q) There is a funny smell when I open the Mashem packaging. Is it ok?

A) The smell will disappear after the toy has left the packaging. There is a small amount of Xylene used in one of the finishing processes which will evaporate after a short period. This is safe.

Q) What is the rubber or plastic part of the Mashems made of?

A) It is made out of a material called TPR, which stands for Thermo Plastic Rubber. This is a non-toxic material which should not cause any irritation to skin. The TPR material does not classify as a rubber allergen.

The Mashems toys comply with all relevant toy safety regulations and testing standards in force in the United Kingdom and European Union.

The liquid inside Mashems is safe for use in toys given foreseeable contact by the skin, eyes, oral cavity or ingestion. This does not mean there may not be a reaction in a small amount of cases such as skin irritation (e.g. as with lemon juice) and that this should not pose any immediate or long term health issues.

Character Options Ltd would always recommend that, as with any contact with a substance that causes a reaction, this is checked by the medical profession.


Chill Factor Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker

Q) My Chill Factor Slushy Cup won't freeze/make slushies?


a) The main reason for this is down to the temperature of the freezer. Freezer temperatures should be minus 18 or above to enable the slushy cup to completely freeze.

b) Try moving the cup to the top of the freezer and stand the cup upright.

c) If possible use an alternative freezer to establish if it is a temperature issue.

d) The juice that is being used has to be chilled before using to obtain best results (leave in fridge when you place the Slushy Maker in the freezer).

e) A heavily frosted freezer will not give you the same results and it is recommended that you defrost your freezer for best results.

Q) What is the liquid inside the inner cup?

A) It is a brine water solution.

Q) Can I obtain a new inner cup?

A) Yes, please phone our Customer Service Team on 0161 633 9808 or visit the spare parts section of our Customer Service Page.

Q) There is only a small amount of slush made or it does not work?

A) For best results, prior to use, ensure you read the instructions included with the product.

Thoroughly wash the Chill Factor Slushy Cup in warm soapy water and rinse before using.

Remove the lid from the Chill Factor Cup and place the cup in an upright position into the freezer for 4-6 hours, or until the chambers within the cup are frozen.

The amount of time it will take for your Slushy Maker to freeze is dependent on the temperature  setting on your freezer.

When you remove your frozen Chill Factor cup from the freezer, add a chilled drink of choice and then squeeze. In less than a minute, your chilled drink will turn into an icy slush.

If the temperature of the drink used is not cold enough or you have used a diet drink/dairy product, place the cup and contents back into the freezer for 3-5 minutes to allow the liquid to chill, then remove and squeeze.

Q) The amount of slush produced is minimal?

A) The size of the Chill Factor Cup and volume is designed so that it is suitable for use by children and is portion controlled.

Q) The solution inside the chambers has leaked/my child has swallowed the solution?

A) The liquid within the chambers is a food grade, BPA free and is a natural cooling solution. It is 100% safe and made up of salt and distilled water, the solution is harmless if accidently swallowed.

If, in the event that the liquid from the chambers is inadvertently ingested and any unusual symptoms arise, seek medical advice.

Q) My Chill Factor unit has dried out what could be the cause of this?

A) We recommend that the product is to be stored in a freezer. This will keep the Chill Factor in a ready to use state and maintain the product for long term use. In some circumstances, the water bag can experience a “drying out” affect if it is exposed to sunlight or direct heat which results in less water and the salt becoming visible. This is not a fault with the product but a characteristic of this specific food grade plastic when not stored as recommended.



For information on our Stretch range of products, please select link below :-

Stretch Information Sheet



Don’t worry if your new Teletubbies Soft Toy’s face gets a bit dirty simply use any gentle (non-bleach) household cleaner, such as clothes wash, washing-up liquid, or even stain remover, mixed in a bowl with warm water. Use a clean light-coloured cloth, and clean the face with a light dabbing motion, then let it dry naturally. Do not rub the face, as this could result in damage to the toy. Do not place directly in the sun or on a radiator to dry. 

Smart Sketcher

For troubleshooting tips for use of the App please see link below to the manufacturers website: