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Give a shout out to this 5.5-Inch Ninja Shouts Michelangelo figure and he’s gonna shout right back—in his authentic movie voice!
Age 4+
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Tap…tap… “Is this thing on?” Yes, it is! And with nine phrases and five sound effects—spoken in his authentic movie voice—you can hear what Ninja Shouts Michelangelo has to say! Mikey's the funny one of the group or at least he thinks so! (Sometimes his brothers are a tough crowd.) With some training from his rat-dad Splinter, Michelangelo and his brothers are finally ready to venture into the big city, where Mikey can test out his material. Nothing will come between him and his dream to be a stand-up comedian, but if you razz him, he might just razz you right back!

SHOUT OUT: Pull back on his spring-loaded right arm or left leg to make him shout—spoken by the same talent who voices Mikey in the movie.

HOLD ON: When you pull back Mikey's arm or leg and hold it, the word he’s saying is stretched and a syllable is repeated until you let go—then the word and phrase is completed and followed by a battle sound effect.

LOTS TO SAY: Michelangelo figure includes nine phrases and four sound effects.

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