Stay Active SlingBall

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Hook It! Launch It! Sling It!
Age 6+
Weight: 0.2100 Kg
Dimensions (cm): 18 x 23 x 31
Item Code: 0OD-4002CO
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SlingBall is a high-flying game of catch like you've never seen before! Use the rubber loop to launch the ball through the air so your friends can catch it with their racquets. Includes 2 Sling Ball racquets and 2 Sling Balls. Don't just fling it, SLING IT! Suitable for multi-person play. Ball can be launched up to 18 metres. Play indoors or out! Encourages active play and improved hand-to-eye coordination! Lightweight & portable - ideal for family holidays. For ages 6 years and over.

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