Raise a paw for Squeakee The Balloon Dog

Sunday, November 1, 2020

This little chap will have the kids squeaking with joy as he comes to life just like a real pup, with 60+ interactive sounds and movements! This bright little pooch responds to voice, touch, and to his favourite accessories.


Prepare to be blown away, this clever boy can teach you a trick or two! Squeak the ball once to see Squeakee sit. He’ll beg when he hears the ball squeak twice, and when the ball is squeaked three times, this four-legged friend will get ready to play!

Kids can also help Squeakee blow off some steam by using the pin accessory to make him lie down flat, just like he’s been deflated. But don’t panic! Children can get him back up on his feet by feeding him with his balloon pump accessory. Beware, it might make him a bit gassy – Squeakee by name, Squeakee by nature … this little dog is fart machine! His pump might also make him pee! So kids should be sure to let him know that this is naughty: “Bad Squeakee! Bad Squeakee!” The louder children speak, the more he squeaks. He’ll know he’s done something bad and go into Sad Mode. If they tell him enough, he'll eventually ‘pop’ and ‘deflate’.


Squeakee can always be cheered back up with a little belly rub. Just like his furry, real-life counterparts he loves a good belly scratch and will lie down and roll over. The more his tummy is tickled, the happier he gets. When the hand tires, simply pat him on the head and he’ll hop back on his feet. Squeakee also likes his ear to be petted; it makes him sit like a good boy! Keep petting and Squeakee will stand up and make a triumphant sound! Plus, children will love to shake Squeakee’s paw, as it sends him scooting off on his bum!

Squeakee really is a child’s interactive Balloon Dog best friend, and he doesn’t like to be left alone! When he’s not the centre of attention, he will occasionally bark for a bit of fuss! But he’ll eventually get bored and sit. Continue to leave him, and he will ‘deflate’ and fall asleep. Sweet dreams Squeakee! We think you’re pretty swell! Check out the YouTube link below to see Squeakee in action:  


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