Spy Ninjas 4 Figure Collector Pack

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What is up, Spy Ninjas! We are a team of best friends who create videos of our daily action-packed adventures. We use martial arts and detective skills to find clues and solve puzzles to defeat our enemy – evil hacker organization Project Zorgo, who intends on taking control of the internet!  We are excited to have you join us on our mission to defeat Project Zorgo! This awesome pack includes 4 collectible figures each standing between 3-Inches and 3.5-Inches tall with 4 points of articulation. Set includes Chad Wild Clay, Regina Ginera, PZ2 and PZ Squire. Chad Wild Clay is an expert with ninja gadgets and his skills favourite gadget is the Transforming Stealth Stick, which he uses stop Project Zorg’s Hacking activity. Regina Ginera is an expert hacker and master of disguise. She uses the Project Zorgo Voice Morpher and Hacker Mask to infiltrate the bad guys. PZ2 is the leader of the hacking division at Project Zorgo. PZ Squire is a member of Project Zorgo's gaming division and his job is to hack various video games and help Project Zorgo gain control of the internet. Collect all of your favourite Spy Ninjas characters!



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