Spy Ninjas Secret Message Spy Gear

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Hey Spy Ninjas! We are a team of best friends who create videos of our daily action-packed adventures. We use martial arts and detective skills to find clues and solve puzzles to defeat our enemy – evil hacker organization Project Zorgo, who intends on taking control of the internet! The Secret Message Spy Gear includes the Secret Message Spy Pen, Decoder Wheel, Spy Ninja Notebook & Pencils, as well as some secret messages! The pen has a regular ink pen, an invisible ink marker, a secret message compartment, and a UV light for revealing the hidden message! Send secret messages to your friends with the invisible ink Secret Message Spy Pen!
Age 6+ Batteries 3 X LR41 included
Weight: 0.1200 Kg
Dimensions (cm): 13 x 4 x 21
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