Simbrix Colour Pack – Dark (2000 Brix)

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Continue the Simbrix fun with the Simbrix Colour pack! Perfect for those who want to build and create even more amazing Simbrix designs. The Simbrix colour pack – Dark, includes 2000 brix in darker coloured Simbrix. Includes 200 x Dark Brown, 200 x Dark Green, 200 x Dark Pink, 200 x Dark Purple, 200 x Dark Red, 200 x Light Brown, 200 x Mid Blue, 200 x Mustard, 200 x Orange and 200 x Teal brix
Age 5+
Weight: 0.3200 Kg
Dimensions (cm): 19 x 5 x 16
Item Code: 5ZX-08182.5
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Get your brix fix with Simbrix! Create and customise your very own pixel art. Simbrix is a unique building system which allows you to connect, create and play one brix at a time! Simbrix are totally mess free, they do not require any ironing, gluing or water. Simply interlock Simbrix to construct amazing pixel designs. Simbrix are reusable - rebuild time and time again for endless creative play. Simbrix are designed for kids of all ages who love pixel art and help reconnect with their imagination, encourage creative thinking and allow for fantastic play experiences. Simbrix also combines elements of STEAM learning providing educational benefits as you play.

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