Shimmer 'n Sparkle Insta Glam On The Glo Make-UP Trolley

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The ultimate beauty set complete with 100 pieces of content including on trend makeup colours, nail polishes, applicators, hair accessories and more! Full Contents - 14 x eyeshadows, 14 x lipstick, 16 x lip gloss, 14 x body shimmers, 4 x nail polish, 2 x small hair band, 2 x large hair band, 3 x nail sticker sheets, 3 x holographic nail sticker sheets, 14 x sponge applicator, 2 x small brush, 1, brush, 1 x nail file, 1 x cuticle shaper, 1 x comb, 8 x hair clip
Age 8+
Weight: 3.2200 Kg
Dimensions (cm): 34 x 24 x 52
Item Code: 0SS-07464
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Glam yourself! Glam your world! With the InstaGlam On the Glo Makeup Trolley. The ultimate beauty set has arrived complete with 100 pieces of content including on trend makeup colours, nail polishes, applicators, hair accessories and more! 
The full make up experience! The InstaGlam On the Glo Makeup Trolley includes everything you need to create a full makeover from tip to toe! Become a real makeup artist and have so much fun creating amazing stand out styles for you and your friends!  There are so many fashionable lip and eye colours to choose from - mix and match to create a number of fierce makeup looks. The applicators included will also help you to achieve that perfect professional finish! There’s even a tray of body shimmers to create a soft dewy glo for your skin!  Use the nail polishes and accessories to make sure your nails are always on point, and add that extra touch of glam with the nail stickers included!  And let’s not forget the hair to complete your makeover look! The trolley includes a number of combs, clips and hair accessories to help you create a number of glamourous hairstyles. The possibilities are endless with the InstaGlam on the Glo Makeup trolley!

Create your own beauty station – Everything unpacks and clips onto the trolley body to create the ultimate beauty bar. The set comes with 4 fully loaded makeup trays that clip onto the sides, a nail and hair bar that clips on the front, plus a large storage tray with carry handle that rests on top for brushes and accessories. All the trays can be easily unclipped so you can tailor how you use your beauty bar. Of course, there is a mirror included on the inside of the trolley to help with your makeup application and check out your finished looks! 

Easy Storage - All the trays and makeup neatly store away in the body of the trolley to keep everything neat and tidy once glam time has finished. There’s even room to keep your own extra beauty accessories inside. 

Take it anywhere! The InstaGlam On the Glo Makeup Trolley is a pull along wheeled makeup trolley with a functional retractable handle for complete portability, meaning you are always ready to wheel your trolley away for glam on the go! Perfect to take to parties and sleepovers where you can have fun perfecting your beauty skills with friends, creating, and sharing different makeup looks!  

Encourages creative play - The InstaGlam On the Glo Makeup Trolley is ideal for children who love creative and imaginative play. Kids can swap their style and share beauty tips with friends and family creating endless makeup looks. The perfect birthday and Christmas gift for children who love to role play and apply on trend, easy to use makeup. A great way for kids to play and experiment with makeup without ruining parent’s expensive cosmetics. 

Child Friendly Makeup - The InstaGlam on the Glo Makeup Trolley contains makeup safety tested to all EU and UK safety standards. Non-toxic and easily washable.

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