Pinata Smashlings Figures Blind Pod

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Catch that Smashling, with the 1-pack Piñata Smashlings Surprise Pod! Each Smashlings Pod has a 4cm tall Smashling or Bashling figure inside. Over 70+ characters to discover with varying rarities. Styles vary
Age 3+
Weight: 0.1600 Kg
Dimensions (cm): 7 x 8 x 18
Item Code: 0SM-SL2007
Delivery date: 3-5 days
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Introducing the world of Piñata Smashlings! Discover the Piñataverse, home to wise Piñatas, scheming Meañatas, bitter Bashlings and LOTS of adorable, cheeky Smashlings. Now you can bring the magical, fun filled world of the Piñata Smashlings Roblox game to life at home, with the adorable Piñata Smashlings Toy Range! 

The Piñata Smashlings Blush Buddies are super cute and cuddly collectable soft toys, based on the Smashlings characters from the Roblox Game. Each Plush Buddie is 20cm tall and there are a few different styles to collect, including The Pink Unicorn Tutti Bell, The Green Dragon, or Tiger Jasper! Who will you choose? One supplied, styles may vary. Collect them all and re-enact your favourite gameplays and experience new adventures with the Piñata Smashlings Plush Buddies. Each Plush Buddy comes with a redeemable digital code for the Piñata Smashlings Roblox Game! 

Suitable for all ages.