Shop ‘til you drop with Peppa’s Shopping Centre Playset

Sunday, November 1, 2020


With two floors of fun and four shopping areas, children will love swapping around the backgrounds and swivelling the signs to create six different shops! There’s an Ice Cream Parlour, which changes to a Pizzeria, there’s even a table that rotates to change the food! Discover the fancy Cake Shop, which can transform into a Toy Store. There’s also a Fruit and Veg Shop, and a Bakery where Peppa can choose a biscuit or an iced bun for a lovely treat.

Given Peppa’s favourite thing to do at the shopping centre is ride in the lift, this new set naturally comes with a real, working lift! Kids will no doubt enjoy pressing the button to send Peppa up to the top floor, and pushing it back down to bring her back to the ground level again!

The fun interactive toy doesn’t stop there! The playset features a working microphone, allowing kids to make their own shopping centre announcements by simply pressing the button. It also has a variety of realistic shopping centre electronic sound effects, meaning that this playset not only looks like the real deal, but it also sounds like it too, which really helps to support imaginative play.

Really adding to its play value, as well as its value for money, the set comes with lots of fun accessories, including an articulated Peppa Pig figure and 12 different accessory pieces. Children are bound to love the cute shopping trolley, as well as the all-important cash register, bags of shopping, and chairs. There’s even a rotating restaurant table to add to the fun!

Plus, because Peppa's Shopping Centre is scaled for play with other Peppa Pig figures and playsets, kids can build their world of Peppa, helping to encourage creativity and storytelling. They’ll be able to re-enact their favourite Peppa episodes or create their own Peppa Pig adventures and entertain themselves alone or with friends and family for that extra added fun.

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