Mouse in the House Pineapple Juice Bar

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This cool juice bar features an opening roof hatch to the bedroom. Includes 2 deck chairs, table, 2 bottle top stools, as well as an umbrella, counter, sign, and 3 mice! Also includes bunting and stickers.
Age 3+
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Do you want to know a secret? There’s a magical place hidden behind the skirting board. A tiny world of mice, known as Mouseville home to Millie, her family, and friends. A place, where every day there’s adventure and play…Welcome to the wonderful world of Mouse in the House. Remember to keep Mouseville a secret please. Don’t tell anyone…not even a squeak!

Children can discover the world of Millie & Friends Mouse in the House with the super collectable toys based on Mouseville, where inventive, resourceful, and community-loving mice, use discarded, everyday food and packaging to upcycle and build their own paradise. Through a collection of micro-figures and food themed playsets, the range inspires kids’ imagination to build their own physical world of Mouse in the House up against the skirting board of their bedroom or play area. 

The mice of Mouseville love to chill out and meet friends at the Pineapple Juice Bar! They can order a power juice at the serving hatch, then relax in a hammock while they wait! This cool surf style bar features an opening roof hatch to the bedroom inside. Includes 2 deck chairs, table and 2 bottle top stools, as well as an umbrella, counter and sign. With 3 exclusive mice; Shine, Pip and Berry! Also includes 2 pretty bunting strings and lots of fun stickers to accessorize and customise your playset and world of Mouseville. 

The Pineapple Juice Bar is scaled for play with other Millie & Friends Mouse in the House Playsets and figures. Start collecting today and build your very own world of Mouseville; Perfect for displaying along the skirting board at home. What’s more, when the lights go out at bedtime, the Mouseville stickers will glow in the dark!

Suitable for ages 3 years and over.

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