Prepare for Laser Battle Hunters

Sunday, November 1, 2020

These fun, full-function radio control (Frequency: 2.4 GHz) combat vehicles can be moved forward, reversed, spun, and turned at breakneck speed. Plus, the innovative multi-directional four-wheel driving system allows for crazy drifting control and incredible side to side manoeuvring so players can outlast and out blast their opponent!

Select between two modes of play. With Multi-Player R/C Combat Mode, the aim of the game is to use the built-in infrared cannon to eliminate the opponent. Simply hunt the enemy, take aim at the rear of the opponent’s vehicle and fire! With an impressive cannon recoil, players must blast their opposition three times to win. When hit, the Laser Battle Hunter will make an explosion sound and shake, with the number of hits indicated by the number of alert sounds the vehicle has made. There are eight channels, which means that up to eight vehicles can battle at one time for the ultimate battle adventure between friends!

Option two is Single Player Autonomous Mode which makes one Laser Battle Hunter a moving target for one minute. With three auto patrol ranges the player can expand the battle arena to suit. Using the Laser Battle Hunter, the player must blast the autonomous vehicle as many times as possible within the 60 second time limit as it moves around and fires autonomously. When the time is up the Autonomous Laser Battle Hunter will play the alert sound – the number of alert sounds indicates the number of successful hits! To become the ultimate Laser Battle Hunter, players will need to practise and sharpen their skills!

Suitable for ages five and up, each pack includes two Laser Battle Hunters (Reaper and Shadow) and two Radio Controllers, as well as a graphics pack to customise the look of the vehicles. The vehicles have a remote range of 16 meters, a top speed of 4.3km/hr, and a running time of 30 minutes (continuous vehicle play).

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