LankyBox Mini Mystery Figures 6 Pack

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Contains 6 mystery figures. Some figures are shown and others are blind to maximize the unboxing fun. 10 to collect in the first assortment of figures, including Foxy, Rocky, and ultra-rare Canny
Age 3+
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Dimensions (cm): 31 x 7 x 24
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LankyBox, the most highly viewed YouTube gaming duo in the world, features stars Justin and Adam, along with their cast of animated characters including Boxy, Foxy, and Rocky. They create high-energy, laugh-out-loud videos including challenges, gaming and shorts.

These fan-favourite LankyBox characters have been brought to life in new and exciting collectible variations! Each  pack contains 6 Mystery LankyBox figures, 3 visible and 3 blind. Fans may even discover one of the awesome the ultra-rare Ruby Rocky or Golden LankyBot!

The all-new Mystery Figures collection has some of the coolest characters to date, and LankyBox followers will surely want to collect them all!