The toy with toilet trouble, Gotta Go Flamingo

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Kids can feed Sherbet his magical flamingo food by simply opening his beak and using the scoop to pour it down his throat. Once his beak is closed his neck wiggles and wobbles as he gobbles it down. But watch out! What goes in must come out, and when Sherbet’s ‘gotta go’, he’ll let everyone know by singing his catchy “Uh Oh, Gotta Go!” song.

Freshly filled toilet at the ready! Like a duck to water, Sherbet knows what to do. Kids are sure to love placing him on the loo so they can watch him ‘poop’ into the bowl! While he’s seated, feed him some more and he’ll go again and again; all while singing his hilarious ‘Gotta Go’ song!

When he’s done, kids can take off the toilet seat and pour the ‘poop’ back into the scoop, so they can drain these magical granules, ready to reuse again and again! Children will be amazed as the ‘poop’ magically turns to flamingo food granules again!

The fun doesn’t stop there! Sherbet loves to repeat what children say to him, and kids will no doubt get a kick out of getting Sherbet to repeat their funny phrases! But it can all get a bit tiring when you’re an eating, pooping, singing machine! So when Sherbet is left alone, he’ll soon drop off into sleep mode. Kids will know he’s drifting off when he makes his adorable little tired noises!

The best part is that this interactive pet is not just hilarious - he also helps encourage nurturing play-patterns in young children. Plus, from feeding to pooping, and from record to playback, he’s pretty great at helping children learn the relationship between cause and effect in a fun way.

Suitable for children aged four years and over, Gotta Go Flamingo includes everything a child needs to care for his/her interactive pet: Sherbet the Flamingo, his toilet, a feeder scoop, reusable food, and demonstration batteries!


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