Dream Seekers Series 2 - Luna

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Dream Seekers are magical friends who are here to share their dreams and inspire you to follow yours. These adorable 'Rag Doll' inspired fairies with their sweet outfits, posable long arms and legs will become your best friends because they have similar hopes and dreams. Your Dream Seeker sits in their Dreamy Moon packaging which has special place for you to write your very own dreams. Your Dream Seeker will keep your dreams safe and wish for it to come true. These magical fashion-conscious fairies are full of style with removeable outfits and charming, whimsical wings. Made with the most stylish materials and fabrics including plush, glitter tulle and holographic fabric to suit each doll's personality and character. Every Dream Seeker has delicately rooted gorgeous long hair with individually designed hair ribbons. These pretty doll's faces are all highly detailed and full of expression! On every Dream Seeker's wrist, you will find their beautiful and unique "Dream Mark". Their "Dream Mark" represents the doll's personality and the dream that they seek! Pose their arms and legs and display your magical Dream Seeker on their own Dreamy Moon Packaging. There are three beautiful dolls to discover - Bella, Hope and Luna! Create an enchanting display in your room! Follow your Dreams today with a special friend!
Age 5+
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