Cra-Z-Slimy Bakery Crackle Bash

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MAKE AND SMASH SLIMY BAKERY TREATS - Create Slimy bakery treats then paint with crackle glaze for an awesome crackle smash!
Age 6+
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Dimensions (cm): 36 x 8 x 31
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CREATE AND GLAZE - First, create your slimy bakery treats! Press modelite into your chosen mould then top with slime. For added colour and texture mix your slime with glitter, beads and confetti. Once moulded use the brush to paint your creation with crackle glaze and leave to set

SUPER SENORY SMASH - Now you’re ready to smash! SMASH your Slimy filled Bakery Treat and watch as in amazement as the glaze cracks and the slime oozes out. The sound of the crackle and the texture of the slime mixed with sprinkles and glitter is so satisfying. It's awesome ASMR!

RECORD THE OOZE! - Place your phone in the holder and record the crunchy cracking noises - It's super sensory fun that you can watch time and time again. Share your amazing smash with friends! 

THE PERFECT PRESENT - The Cra Z Slimy Bakery Crackle Bash is perfect for children aged 6 and over who love slime making and sensory play. They can have endless fun mixing and moulding ingredients to make their own bakery creations then recording and watching their crackle smash!