Stringalings BFF Braiding Accessories Kit

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Braid, Plait, Loop and Knot! Create fun creations with Stringalings! Includes 80 coloured strings that you can braid into accessories plus 2 Key Chains 1 x set of BFF charms and 50 letter beads.
Age 5+
Weight: 0.4600 Kg
Dimensions (cm): 29 x 10 x 23
Item Code: 0ST-HUN2546
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STRINGALINGS BFF BRAIDING ACCESSORY KIT - Braid, Plait, Loop and Knot! Create your own fun creations with Stringalings! Each set includes 80 high quality coloured strings that you can braid into countless accessories.

SO MANY DESIGNS - With Stringalings there are so many designs to create. Includes 80 colourful strings to create a whole host of accessories. Make bracelets, necklaces, key chains, lanyards and more! Combine different colours to make rainbow bright creations. So many techniques you can follow to create amazing styles – simply follow the step-by-step instructions booklet for tons of inspiration! 

AMAZING ACCESSORIES – Includes 2 Key Chains plus 1 x set of BFF charms to create super cool accessories. Also includes 50 letter beads so you can personalise your creations! Perfect for creating bespoke pieces to share with your besties! 

CARRY CASE - All strings and accessories are presented in a translucent pink carry case – perfect for neatly storing everything once you have finished making your creations. Perfect for transporting your Stringalings set with you to friend’s houses, sleepovers and parties. 

THE PERFECT PRESENT - The Stringalings BFF braiding accessory Kit is the perfect present for children aged 5 and over who love making personalised bracelets and accessories. They will have hours of fun creating different colour and style combinations for themselves and friends alike! The perfect activity for a slumber party, play date or a quiet day indoors. Stringalings are made to wear and share… show off your personality with Stringalings!