Little Live Pets - Bright Light Chameleon

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This light-up, rainbow coloured chameleon, with soft, squishy skin has over 30 sounds and reactions! Sunny reacts to your touch, voice & even music, with different light-up emotions. This chameleon loves to sing! Sunny even has sticky sucker pad feet, so you can display your chameleon on many surfaces! Includes 2 AAA demonstration batteries. For ages 5 years and over. There are 2 ways to play! NURTURE MODE: Activated when you switch ON and PARTY MODE: Activated when you shake your chameleon. You can pet Sunny to warm him up and feed him too by placing your finger in his mouth. Speak to Sunny softly and he’ll respond in a happy way, but shout and he’ll get angry! Sunny has many colourful moods: Rainbow colours for SUPER HAPPY, yellow-green for HAPPY, red for ANGRY & blue for SAD. You’ll have hours of fun with your light-up pet!
Age 5+ Batteries X2 AAA Demo Batteries Included
Weight: 0.2700 Kg
Dimensions (cm): 22 x 8 x 24
Item Code: 0LP-26364
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