Chu Chu TV Peek & Play Surprise Eggs - Single Pack

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Bring home the learning fun of ChuChu TV with Peek & Play Surprise Eggs! Peek & Play Surprise Eggs come in a colourful outer layer that kids can peel off to find a smiling egg inside! Turn the egg over to discover a letter that hints at which animal could be within then crack open the egg to reveal the animal figurine! Playing with the eggs can teach motor skills, letter recognition, and colour matching, and are easy for little hands to grip. Improves manual dexterity and motor skills whilst engaging little minds. Peek & Play Surprise Eggs bring the delight of surprise eggs to life for preschoolers
Age: 18 months+
Weight: 0.0400 Kg
Dimensions (cm): 5 x 5 x 7
Item Code: 0CC-75800
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