Watch Out - Prank Bro is About!


Check out what Beau's Toy Farm thought to the Really Rad Robots Prank Bro here:

Here at Really RAD Robots, we build robots to suit your needs.

These bots are not your usual box of nuts and bolts, they are packed with attitude and in your control. Really RAD Robots are programmed with personality and RAMMED full of fun, none of the boring bits included.

Prankbro is your ultimate pranking partner in crime! With Prankbro on your team, you can become the ultimate prankster! This remote-controlled robot is programmed to prank and just loves the classic gags! Loaded with sneaky tricks, you'd better watch out when Prankbro's about!

There are so many ways to prank your family and friends! With the Really Rad Remote, all the pranking is in your hands!

Simply control his movements, sounds and pranks at the touch of a button! Prankbro is so easy to move around. Use the marked buttons to steer him forwards, backwards, left and right With Prankbro’s Surprise squirt function its time to ready, aim and saturate! Do you dare sniff Prankbro's flower? 

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